Monday, September 30, 2013


Some believe Ernest Hemingway was some unique prophet disguised as an alcoholic writer. Me... I don't know about that. Would be cool if it were true but no one can really say if it was or wasn't. Just like with most things.

I'd like to believe that in a couple of decades, or longer, people will be saying something similar about me and my work. If they don't... fine. I just get the strong feeling that it is a real possibility. I don't believe in much but I do believe in possibilities.

Why don't most people believe in possibilities? I suppose there's no clear cut general answer.

A few years back I started paying more attention to the evening sky. I don't know what prompted it. I just all of a sudden felt like watching the stars one evening.

Those giant balls of gas hardly get the recognition they deserve. I mean... they are capable of existing for thousands or even millions of years! Could you imagine what that must be like? Of course not! We humans are only capable of seeing and believing what's right in our direct line of sight.

If you could live to be say oh 1,000 years old how would you spend most of your life? If your answer has anything to do with accumulating a vast fortune or any other sort of material gain I am sorry to say that I personally believe your answer is far too one sided to be even remotely "realistic."

We're talking about 1,000 years here! 1,000 years old! As it stands right now the average life expectancy of a semi-healthy human being is between 75-78 years of age. Yet, somehow most people still find it necessary to cling to very superficial and impermanent things.

Life is indeed short. We ALL know this! But the majority of us also blatantly choose to deny this fact!

So, how has mankind spent most of its existence? We've spent many centuries conquering one another, oppressing one another, violently abusing each other, starting wars, causing famine, causing disease, causing general disorder and mayhem within our own cities etc. etc.

I guess it's no real wonder why we have trouble believing in possibilities. Though, I do believe it is a serious issue that should be discussed at great length with every individual.

Granted, that's just my personal belief and/or opinion.

I do, however, also believe that multiple choices/possibilities are available to us in any given moment. Yes, it is ultimately up to each of us to make our own decisions. Just remember this:

Every choice we make leads to more choices and options and introduces us to people who must also choose which path to follow. And their choice may or may not be based on your choice. If we cut out all the middle work we will find that ALL paths are interconnected and interdependent.

One person can make a difference but an entire planet of people can accomplish anything! ANYTHING!

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