Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quite A Sight

Watching a bunch of dragonflies hunt for smaller insects in my front yard. It is quite a sight.

h dimension. There is no turning back. We can only move onward and upward from here to eternity.
The weather outside is weather.
The weather outside is weather.
The weather outside is weather.
Strong weather changes, time is speeding up, numerous corruptions are being exposed, unexplainable phenomenon are occurring daily. We have entered the 4t

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Just heard a Walgreens employee say, "Man, I'm so high! I think my head is cracking."

Appreciative Banana

When I ate a banana it transported me back to another time. I looked around and saw only sadness. A little gladness but mostly sadness. The people they all looked up at me as if I were some kind of messiah. I had to reassure them that I was not but they did not understand. They didn't understand any form of spoken language.

Symbols they knew. I picked up a twig and drew some shapes in the sand. I drew a square; they observed its corners. I drew a triangle; they observed its corners. I drew a circle; they just about lost their minds.

Some of them jumped up and down and cheered ecstatically. I was amused by their sudden collective epiphany. One of them then grabbed a rock and a makeshift chisel. He diligently carved away at it for an hour or so.

I tried to get a closer look at what he was doing but his back was covering his work. The sunlight kept shining off the top of his head, it almost resembled a lighthouse. Finally, he stopped carving and turned to face me. He held up his creation and the others gathered around it with awe.

He slowly walked up to me with a big grin on his face. He then handed me his creation and hopped away with the others. I watched them all trot out of sight then looked down at the carved rock I held. It was in the shape of a.... banana.

As I examined it and felt its coarse texture it quickly transported me back to the present. The sweet, sweet present. I now have a deeper appreciation for bananas.

Whitman's X

Original abstract ACEO painting. This is a slight homage to Walt Whitman.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Powerful Stab

Stab my eyes while they are in motion. We deny ourselves every single emotion. This is not what it means to be human. This is not what it means to be everlasting. Do you listen to your soul like you should?

Often times I sit back to get a better view of the bigger picture. It hangs so delicately over all of our heads. It is funny how it can depict whatever we want it to depict. But of course we mustn't take it too seriously. 

Eat a carrot and reminisce over all things bad. The good will naturally follow. You may have to surrender your stubborn heart. You may have to start believing in your own creative prowess. It is real! You are powerful!

We are One. We have always been One. There is no more denying it. :-)
It's hip to be square.
Why smoke anything nowadays? Are you not inhaling enough of those wholesome chemtrail toxins?
Look within. Always look within.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I Shoot

I shoot you
You shoot me
We'd shoot
A fuckin'
If it looked at us
The wrong way
Why must we give
To our homicidal tendencies
Is it not enough
To have every single
At our finger tips?
Is it too much to ask
To care for every
Sentient being
Go on and brag about
Your ak-47
Or pistol
The next time
You shoot me
Will be the next
I shout out loud
"I Love You!"


I don't do psychedelics. Life is already psychedelic enough.

I don't do psychedelics. Life is already psychedelic enough.
Peace and Love. Peace and Love.
othing more than your fists.
Just say no to weapons. I don't condone violence but if you really feel threatened and have exhausted all alternatives than the least you can do is use n

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fate Nutrient

I flew into
I bathed in it
for quite some time
I sprawled out
onto concrete
to show
how brutally honest
One thought can be
I giggled when
They promised to
be kind to themselves
Oh, they wish for many things
And they fish without bait
This abyss is a nutrient

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am You. You are Me.

Raked Potential

Rake it in. Rake it in. Bare your knuckles to immorality. What ails you? Is it truth? There is none. Not to your recollection.

Imagine if you will a bag of something. Something precious. No, it does not contain money or anything material. It does not contain negative slogans or epitaphs. Nor does it contain false promises.

What it does contain is of little concern to a humanoid such as yourself. But its potential is of enormous value to you and your species. Let's call this bag of potential the Human Will.

On a clear and concise day most people can distinguish between positivity and negativity. During cloudy days most people choose to find fault with such a skill. What a shame.

Why must we always shy away from our defining characteristics? Normalcy is not an option. It has never been an option. Normalcy behaves like a possum. For the most part it appears alive and vibrant but it is quite adept at mimicking death.

It is not normalcy we seek. In fact, we actually seek a path away from normalcy. Everything we do and encounter during our day to day activity only serves to distract us from finding that path.

It needn't be difficult but it is so because we choose to make it so. Funny thing is... there is plenty of pie to around.

Daily Ignorance

The starving
doesn't care
about your
The starving
need not
his own
The starving
paints the very
You ignore daily
We are him

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eternal Rite

Just got my twentieth rejection from a magazine. I know the kind of stuff most magazines publish these days but I refuse to write about all the same crap that numbs the senses. I don't believe I am the kind of writer who is meant to write for any magazine or other mainstream outlet. I shall continue posting on my blogs and self publishing my poetry and prose from now until the end of eternity.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


  Great Footage. Great Footage. The time is now. Not later. Now. Do away with the old way of thinking and acting. We are SO MUCH MORE than what we think we are. :-)

Two Paintings - Ability to See Truth & Witless

Myopic Mental

Independence Day Message from James Gilliland, Part 2

Independence Day Message from James Gilliland, Part 1

ECETI Message From the Pleiadians, July 10, 2012

In our galaxy alone there could very well be 100 million habitable planets.


No jobs
for the
No thoughts
for the
No food
the starving
little truths
Who remain dedicated
to chivalry

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The snoz berries taste like snoz berries.
I do not want to spend my life in a cubicle. It may be all right for most but it's not right for me. I will avoid it no matter the cost.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here is a link to my most recent poetry novel Pythagorean.

Waldo Canyon Fire UFO - UFO behind helicopter

UFO over Orchard Park NY, July 4, 2012

UFO- Orchard Park NY, July 4th 2012

ufo over orchard park new york 04.07.2012.ufo seen at 41000 feet recorde...

Contactee predicts UFO behavior caught on three cameras

est! Otherwise we'll just help the ship sink faster.
We need a National Debt Forgiveness plan. That is the only way the economy will recover. We can't keep borrowing and borrowing and profiting off of inter

Friday, July 6, 2012

ntirety of existence.
With just one smile you can shift someone's mood. With just one thought you can alter the course of history. With just one breath you can transmute the e

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


There's no point
To madness
There's no
To point

Light Analogy

This light that illuminates the way for us can be found within every sentient presence. Feel it. Live it. Do not take it for granted or it will take you for granted. The light is effervescent. It is indestructible.

All aspects of human analogy can be attributed to the light. Many humans do not know of this. They do not know because they've been taught to believe in many, many superficial scenarios. But there is no one entity to place all the blame on.

Find what makes you whole and inhale it. Don't give creedence to frivolous circumstances. If others try to keep you from your passion then you must either remove them or remove yourself from such toxic confines.

The whole of the Universe is undergoing an immense transmutation. You cannot see it much but you can definitely feel it. It is pointless to deny it or try to run away from it.

All is returning to light. Everyone and everything is always heading towards light. Towards the original state of existence. Towards the origin of all origins.

Take a deep breath.... inhale it all. The light does not discriminate. The light cannot discriminate. It believes in us at all times. It knows what we are meant to be and will always support us.

Monday, July 2, 2012