Tuesday, September 17, 2013


You do not make sense when compromised by allegorical fantastical fables created by transnational capitalists. Sure seems like the second coming of rice pudding in your suede pants but oh you couldn't be any more right. The sun is a beauty of which we doubt retroactively.

People call me Bryan but my name is not Bryan! Is it really so hard to pronounce RYAN?! What is that they are thinking of the live long day? Oh wait.... I guess the latest newest same old smartphone is more important than committing my name to memory. It makes sense, yes. No!

But whatever. Whatnot. I promise to only care about my own interests so long as people keep forgetting my name. Please... please do not pity me. I don't mean to sound pitiful or decompressed. I only wish to make my frustrations known and unknown and then if time allows... known once more.

Stare intently down a darkened well and you will only begin to understand a tenth of what I am alluding to. Our biological makeup persists, further. Furthermore, when will all these self important pop stars stop showing off their genitalia?

The human mind mimics that which we inhabit. By which I mean our beautiful planet. I do not wish to go off on some long, long descriptive romantic tangent here. Maybe I should, but I won't. No, not yet.

We've all got desires. You know what I mean! Desires are those things that we really don't need but yet somehow we feel like life would have no meaning without them. And I don't just mean superficial things like money and steamy sex.

Let's face it, if you don't know what desires are then you probably shouldn't have them. Complete.

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