Saturday, June 27, 2015

Believe Nothing

This says it all for me. Beliefs can be a good thing but not if they keep you in a state of fear and ultimately keep you from enjoying life. :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dried Zero

Dried emotional zero
Dates graded
Openly caustic
Driven abstract
Oven orangutan
1997 devoted
Mucus procurements
Salad dressing
Shelled pudding
Weary pot potent
Giraffe installments
Other worldly
People phantoms
Mighty best
Tank no longer have
Loud motorized
Arrangements antimatter
Etching particular
Movie bitter butter
Hot water caramel
Glass foot piercings
Calcify esteem
Jello molds ascend
Goats shake we
Boldness beans
Stave the same time
Heroic herons
Tough fruitful events
Colored chalks change
Sky buttocks
Shooting shouts
Thy deity absolves
Once every

I Believe In Mankind

Everything is about money. Everything.
This is why we are already in hell. We're not being tortured by some horned being with a pitchfork.
We are being tortured by the free market. Sure, there are some minute bright spots here and there but it's NOT ENOUGH!!
Major changes need to be made as soon as possible.
What is wrong with switching to a resource based economy? What is wrong with providing every single person with the bare essentials?
Food, water, shelter, clothing and healthcare are all anyone needs to survive. Once these basics are taken care of then people will be able to focus on other important endeavors. Such as education, infrastructure and alternative energies.
Being heartless and uncaring doesn't help anyone. In fact, it only serves to infect all of mankind with hatred and frustration. This is how conflict arises.

Each and every one of us must change our mode of thinking! Even if we believe humanity is a lost cause, we must still have hope.
Now is not the time for more conflict! Now is the time for every individual, every group, every community to band together and start helping one another in anyway possible!
I do believe in the goodness of people. Yes, I know there's a dark side to everything but I also know that we're all sick and tired of the dark side.
We are all ready, now more than ever, to transmute the darkness with our kindness, compassion and love.

To quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. : "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only Love can do that."

Stop giving in to hatred and start driving it away with your love and light.



Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers today! :-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This resemblance
This resemblance

Imbalance House

The front
Door of
The Wide White House



Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Extra Man Movie Review by Ryan A. Loera

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A Werewolf In My Pocket -Short Story by Ryan A. Loera

I was sitting at the breakfast table enjoying a big bowl of cornflakes. I began to feel something wiggle around in my right shirt pocket. Then I felt a sharp pinch.
“OW! What is that?!” I asked.
“Oh, sorry. I just wanted to get your attention.”
I jumped up out of my chair and scanned the entire dining room. Where did that voice come from? Was it me?
“Uh, who’s there?”
“It’s me! I’m in your shirt pocket!”
I carefully took a peek inside my pocket and saw what looked like a miniature werewolf. He was no bigger than a quarter!
“How’d you get in there?” I demanded
“I’ve always been in here. You’ve just never noticed me until now.” It blinked its yellow eyes at me.
“Uh, okay. What do you want?”
“Oh, I was just wondering if I could have some of your cereal.”
“I guess. You want milk too?”
“No. All I need is one small piece.”
“Okay.” I picked up one cornflake and stuffed it into my pocket.
“Mmmm. Yum! Thanks! I appreciate it.”
The werewolf inhaled the cornflake. He made some weird noises while he ate.
“So, are there others like you?” I asked.
“You mean other miniature werewolves?”
It was now licking itself.
“Yes. Are there any other miniature werewolves?”
“Oh, my yes! We are in just about every available pocket.”
“And why am I seeing you now?”
“I don’t know. Only you know the answer to that question.” It proceeded to lick its tail.
“Uh, okay. So, what exactly do miniature werewolves do?”
“We can do lots of things but mostly we help keep away the lint goblins.”
“Lint Goblins?! There are actual Lint Goblins?!”
I decided to finish up my cornflakes.
“Yes. Of course. If the lint goblins had it their way they would just consume every piece of clothing in the world!”
“Really?!” I don’t know why I found it hard to believe in lint goblins. After all, I was talking to a pocket-sized werewolf.
“Okay. So, suppose I were to meet one of these lint goblins. Would it harm me?”
“No. Of course not! Lint goblins are deathly afraid of miniature werewolves and even MORE afraid of humans!”
“Oh, I didn’t know that.” I glanced at my wristwatch. I wondered how long I would have to talk to the werewolf.
“Well, I’d really like to continue chatting with you but I kind of have to be somewhere important.”
I hoped it didn’t take offense.
“Oh, okay. I understand. I will always be right here in your pocket if you ever feel the need to talk.” It began to curl up for a nap.
As I made my way towards the door I quickly realized I was forgetting my jacket. I pulled it off the coat rack and put it on. I zipped it up to my neck and felt a weird scratch.
I noticed a tiny green dot move about the zipper.
“Oh, sorry! I’m a jacket pixie. Can I have some cereal too?”

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015


The Most

Bum's Lunch Recipe

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moon Landing

Sometimes it all hurts but makes sense. Sometimes it captures my soul and tosses it around like a wounded sock puppet amidst a violent wash cycle. Nonsense is my bread and butter. Now and forever more. But beyond it all is a shiny facade. Something akin to a shiny new nickel. A nickel. I wish I lived in the era when a nickel was considered to be a hell of a lot of money. Hell, I wish I lived in an era when one dollar went further than any moon landing. Hope? Wishes? Yes, these are things I desire. These are things I know we all desire. Desires are fickle bastards! Just when you think you’ve done away with them more are born and begin to eat away at your mind. If I were to truly abandon society… would I miss it? Would it miss me? I suppose it wouldn’t really matter; even if I tried to make it matter. I can hear solitude calling out to me on a daily basis. Maybe I’m hearing things but maybe not. Maybe I analyze too much but maybe not. My countenance is mine and no one else’s. I tell nothing that hasn’t been told before by many. I write nothing that hasn’t been written before by many. I suppose I could be called one of the few who chooses not to hide behind metaphors and parables. Most would consider this to be a grave problem or disease. But I do not; not at all. For instance, the other day I was making myself a ham sandwich and became mesmerized by the amount of visible grains in the bread. It was supposed to be one of those “heart smart” loaves of which I believe aren’t as smart as they would have us believe. I mean… grain in bread! Who would have thought we’d see the day? Don’t even get me started on all the lean meats being pushed in the stores these days. What I write here I write it for a specific purpose. A “goal” if you will. Smell it. Taste it. Otherwise someone else will grab it up. My heart and brain is a jumble. You’d think they know enough to know that they must be connected and intertwined with one another but alas they do not. One cosmically ordered scenario cannot and should not take precedence over another. Though, it is quite difficult to imagine this. Because it is inescapable. I wonder how much longer it will be until we finally colonize the Moon. (?)

All words written by Ryan A. Loera
Copyright 2015

Sin City A Dame to Kill For Movie Review by Ryan A. Loera

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Chaotic 2

I’ve never really understood the elements that make up chaos. Such delusions tend to escape my sublimations. I used to know a sociology professor who believed that none of his students gave a damn about societal constraints. He was right I suppose. Though, at the end of the year most of his students protested outside the office of the university president. The protest was over the newly inflated tuition rates. The president remained in his office for several days. He feared the wrath of the protesting students. But on the last day their professor was able to convince them to allow the president to walk out of his office and give a brief statement. The president didn’t have much to say other than the fact that he was well aware of the tuition hike. He then ran away, hopped into his car and drove off campus at 90 mph. Later that semester, students were forced to accept the ludicrously high tuition rates. More than 30% of them could no longer afford education and had no choice but to accept menial customer service positions just to scrape by. I am reminded of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh titled The Potato Eaters. It depicts a family of very minimal means gathered around a table eating a dinner of boiled potatoes. Potatoes were the saving grace of many lower class families back then and still are today. There is nothing a man can’t do so long as he has a few potatoes to eat. Speaking from personal experience… I have found this also works well with Ramen noodles. I don’t know why the starving artist is often ridiculed for being so adamant about his passion for his art! Oh but he would be congratulated if he were just as passionate about money or the stock market. This mode of thinking is something that has always eluded me and I hope it continues to elude me. I am a free thinking human being who chooses to follow that which I am most passionate about and that does not include becoming a corporate slave! To be honest… I would much rather spend the rest of my days in some secluded cabin in the woods, with my books and thoughts, than in some anxiety filled office space. If this makes me sound nuts then go ahead and label me nuts! It still won’t change my personal point of view. Maybe mankind is meant to be this way. Chaotic or semi-chaotic. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? We all have our own mission to follow. It is pointless to judge one another. So… we might as well all join hands and sing lots of happy uplifting tunes! Then we can all go out for ice cream! All words written by Ryan A. Loera Copyright 2015


Chaos seems to be a requirement these days. But not in the way we’re used to. Much has been lost and much is to follow. Let’s not forget that each future moment contains the potential for more future moments. Moving, walking, dancing, running. These are all simple methods by which we expend and share kinetic energy. There is perhaps more unused energy within us than there are gas guzzling vehicles on the road. True. How much are you willing to bet that we will advance to the state of pure energy? By which of course I mean shedding our physicality permanently and effortlessly. I know it sounds foolish. But it is foolishness that keeps us going. Well, foolishness and oxygen. I once tried to stare deep in between the space between existence. You know… the dark matter which divides and supports all celestial bodies. It takes some getting used to but is well worth the strain. If only every human being could stop focusing on material things and devote more of themselves to constructive goals and aspirations. I understand that we all have our own personal paths to maintain and whatnot. But I also know that most of us do whatever we can to deny this fact. Drowning our sorrows and fighting all the wrong fights for all the wrong reasons. War and poverty then dilute us and tear at what is left of our souls. Not to mention all the mundane minutiae we’ve been forced fed from day one. Is this really what you believe in? Surely you know there is another way. You must know. We must know. Our barbaric ways did help us out back when we had to hunt and gather our food. But do we really need to cling to such states of aggression today? Maybe we do but I am more than willing to do away with that and all negative emotions. Society is a funny system. Funny yet bold. Am I living within society or is society living within me?