Sunday, May 26, 2013

Picasso Dream

Had totally awesome dream in which I met and conversed with Pablo Picasso! The older version of Picasso. I don't know how it occurred but all of a sudden he just showed up in a black car with a chauffeur. He asked me to join him so I did and we went to some market where he purchased six sausage and salami logs. He spoke mostly Spanish so I only understood half of what he said. He had me carry the logs while he spoke and looked through one of my sketchbooks. He was silent for a while then laughed and smiled as he flipped through each page. Then we came upon his estate which was a large beige/white stucco looking mansion. We climbed a staircase to the main entrance and I watched him slowly walk inside. I handed him the logs and he smiled then said, "Oh. It was your Uncle. Your Uncle thought I should meet with you." And with that he disappeared into the mansion.
I tried to follow him in but when I got inside there was no sign of him. I saw a nude model sitting on a large sofa in the living room area. She looked like she was waiting for someone. I saw a dog running around and a boy chasing him around the entire first floor. I then went up to the second floor and peered into one of the rooms, a couple was fast asleep on a comfy bed. I didn't know how to get out from there so that's when I woke up.

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