Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kill Your Television

An illusion is an illusory thing. Division running rampant, or so we think. People often seem surly and agitated whilst traversing the depths of their own subcranial subconscious. This is no allegory or feeble fable like all the rest.

We think because we must think and never stop thinking. Such a feat is impossible or maybe more like improbable. That's what I would say if I were surrounded by shallowness and drunken fools. Gotta' pass the time somehow. Mustn't feel obligated to entertain entities I have nothing much in common with.

Maybe if I were a sailor or militia man of sorts it would be slightly easier to relate to the chasm of most human miseries. Only slightly; slightly. Still... I would find it difficult nonetheless. It's all a blind two legged race. A race that no one could ever even hope to win. Yet, we all try anyway.

Do you ever day dream of visionary goals? I don't mean stuff like acquiring vast sums of money or getting an all over tan. No, I mean stuff like being able to fly high up in the sky like Superman! Also gaining the ability to manifest just about anything and everything you can think of. Within reason, or not within reason.

To each his own. Ha. That's one of those laughably engaging phrases that gets tossed around so much so people don't even remember its origins. But I suppose we do live in a time when nobody really gives a rat's ass about the origins of anything. It's both a good and bad philosophy to live by.

Let truth be truth and lies be lies. That's what I like to say... not out loud. Though, perhaps I should start saying it out loud. Yeah, that's all I need. To be gawked at by the rest of the insincere and insecure populace.

I read what I can and speak when I want. No one has a say in that. We're all entitled to our own opinions but none of us is entitled to force our opinions onto each other. It's a fact! Such and such is the way we must observe life's effervescence.

Illusions envelope us daily and nightly. It is to be expected to freak out every now and then. The real key is to let it all wash over you like some kind of cosmic waterfall. Then once you've allowed it to drench you and beat you down there can be nothing but sunshine to look forward to. This I know to be the utmost truth.

Look, man. Listen, man. Taste these words or be prepared to forever chase them in your dreams. If you really desire lots of gold and material pleasures then go ahead and go out there and get them. Just don't be disappointed when they don't last as long as you were hoping they would last. That's all I gotta say about... that.

Hey, man! Do you like movies or read books? I suggest you read more books, man. I mean... just in case my words bore you and don't send your mind soaring into the stratosphere. Read books. Read more books. Kill your television!

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