Thursday, May 30, 2013

Existence Is Important

Why must all of the minutiae be so ever present and ever perplexing? Like some analogous time bomb of affluence and delusion. Tends to be that way most days and nights.

It's no big deal. Right? I suppose not. But I've never been the type to suppose much. Especially, during the 21st century of human existence.

As I watch time fly by me and the stars change their position, I am brought back to a much simpler state of mind. The state in which I thrived during my childhood. Things seemed better, felt better. And whatever I didn't understand I just allowed it to fester and die out of its own volition.

Many other things would occupy my mind. Things that were much more positive and magical to a kid like me. So what if no one else saw what I saw or felt what I felt!

Being small has a tremendous impact on one's perspective. It makes the entire world look bigger, grander and very important. And indeed it is! It always has been!

As children we live with a profound sense of wonder and unparalleled amusement. We then have to suffer greatly as those qualities are gradually, but quickly, torn away from us upon reaching adulthood. And so we then spend the rest of our lives deluding ourselves into believing that we're okay with it all! Okay with working demeaning jobs for very low pay. Okay with having most of that pay go to Uncle Sam. Okay with paying taxes. Okay with being promised that tax money will go towards revitalizing the community but rarely seeing such a promise manifest.

Okay with being dependent on oil. Okay with starting wars to acquire more oil. Okay with producing more iphones, ipods, ipads than we know what to do with. Okay with allowing Chinese factory workers to assemble these devices for extremely low pay, lower than what we consider low, and hurling themselves off the factory roof when the poor working conditions become too much to bear.

Okay with allowing people to become homeless. Okay with allowing people to go hungry and die from starvation. Say what you want to about adults but there is absolutely NO reason ANY child should ever be allowed to go hungry or starve to death!

Now, what I've written thus far is really just the tip of the iceberg. There's still plenty more to ponder, consider, analyze and re-analyze. As human beings we ignore too many pressing issues. As conscious beings we deny our own consciousness. As sentient beings we deny the imbalance that plagues us. Worst of all, we deny the ever-flowing love and compassion within each and every one of us!

How much longer will we allow this to continue? It CANNOT be allowed to continue or else we will all be subjecting ourselves to our own extinction. Ultimately, only WE have the power to turn things around.

Even if we don't, it is likely that the Universe will somehow reset and realign mankind's trajectory. For you see.... we are important. The world is important. The Universe is important.

Existence is important.

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