Monday, March 4, 2013

The Loft

I imagine myself
And her
Living in a cozy loft
Somewhere in NYC
Cuddling up on
A well padded mattress
Eating Ramen Noodles
Out of a big bowl
Reciting poetry to
Each other
Laughing hysterically
Because we can't
Believe how long it took
Us to find love and hang on
To it
We live off
The advance I
Received for my
Latest novel
It's not much but
It allows us to
Remain secure
In our
Love nest
For a year or so
Most mornings
We make Love
Until Noon
Then we walk
Central Park
And point out
All the rich
Vibrant colors
Of the leaves
We make out
In the shade
A Willow Oak
Some people stare
But most of them
Smile and move on
We watch and listen
To a homeless violinist
His strife
Via his
I drop a $20
In his empty
Coffee cup
And we
Head back
To the
She strips slowly
Then pushes me
Onto the mattress
Her nude form
My soul
As she lays
To my left
She whispers
"I wish this
Could last forever
And ever."
I kiss her
And stroke
Her hair
She falls asleep
And I....

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