Thursday, March 28, 2013


  When one picks one's nose it is often best to do so in the company of strangers. Such people usually require a certain level of escapism in their daily lives. So, why not give them what they need!

  Go on and ram your finger in that sniffer of yours. If you favor the right nostril then pick the right nostril. If you favor the left nostril then pick the left nostril. Dig really deep in there.

  I used to be able to pick my nose and eat my own boogers. They did not taste gross or disgusting. They didn't taste like much of anything. Some of my 8th grade classmates would practically bribe me to eat them.

  They would cheer me on and then make gagging sounds as if it was the grossest thing they had ever seen. They all led such sheltered lives. Locked up in their makeshift ivory towers.

  I learned a valuable lesson during my nose picking days. I learned that in order to get the biggest reaction from people.... one must pick one's nose like there's no tomorrow.

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