Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Chaos seems to be a requirement these days. But not in the way we’re used to. Much has been lost and much is to follow. Let’s not forget that each future moment contains the potential for more future moments. Moving, walking, dancing, running. These are all simple methods by which we expend and share kinetic energy. There is perhaps more unused energy within us than there are gas guzzling vehicles on the road. True. How much are you willing to bet that we will advance to the state of pure energy? By which of course I mean shedding our physicality permanently and effortlessly. I know it sounds foolish. But it is foolishness that keeps us going. Well, foolishness and oxygen. I once tried to stare deep in between the space between existence. You know… the dark matter which divides and supports all celestial bodies. It takes some getting used to but is well worth the strain. If only every human being could stop focusing on material things and devote more of themselves to constructive goals and aspirations. I understand that we all have our own personal paths to maintain and whatnot. But I also know that most of us do whatever we can to deny this fact. Drowning our sorrows and fighting all the wrong fights for all the wrong reasons. War and poverty then dilute us and tear at what is left of our souls. Not to mention all the mundane minutiae we’ve been forced fed from day one. Is this really what you believe in? Surely you know there is another way. You must know. We must know. Our barbaric ways did help us out back when we had to hunt and gather our food. But do we really need to cling to such states of aggression today? Maybe we do but I am more than willing to do away with that and all negative emotions. Society is a funny system. Funny yet bold. Am I living within society or is society living within me?

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