Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Chaotic 2

I’ve never really understood the elements that make up chaos. Such delusions tend to escape my sublimations. I used to know a sociology professor who believed that none of his students gave a damn about societal constraints. He was right I suppose. Though, at the end of the year most of his students protested outside the office of the university president. The protest was over the newly inflated tuition rates. The president remained in his office for several days. He feared the wrath of the protesting students. But on the last day their professor was able to convince them to allow the president to walk out of his office and give a brief statement. The president didn’t have much to say other than the fact that he was well aware of the tuition hike. He then ran away, hopped into his car and drove off campus at 90 mph. Later that semester, students were forced to accept the ludicrously high tuition rates. More than 30% of them could no longer afford education and had no choice but to accept menial customer service positions just to scrape by. I am reminded of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh titled The Potato Eaters. It depicts a family of very minimal means gathered around a table eating a dinner of boiled potatoes. Potatoes were the saving grace of many lower class families back then and still are today. There is nothing a man can’t do so long as he has a few potatoes to eat. Speaking from personal experience… I have found this also works well with Ramen noodles. I don’t know why the starving artist is often ridiculed for being so adamant about his passion for his art! Oh but he would be congratulated if he were just as passionate about money or the stock market. This mode of thinking is something that has always eluded me and I hope it continues to elude me. I am a free thinking human being who chooses to follow that which I am most passionate about and that does not include becoming a corporate slave! To be honest… I would much rather spend the rest of my days in some secluded cabin in the woods, with my books and thoughts, than in some anxiety filled office space. If this makes me sound nuts then go ahead and label me nuts! It still won’t change my personal point of view. Maybe mankind is meant to be this way. Chaotic or semi-chaotic. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? We all have our own mission to follow. It is pointless to judge one another. So… we might as well all join hands and sing lots of happy uplifting tunes! Then we can all go out for ice cream! All words written by Ryan A. Loera Copyright 2015

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