Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Star Language

We aren't liable to be held accountable for most things done wrong today. That just seems to be the new normal in society. Come to think of it... it's been the norm for quite some time.

If you are going to meet me halfway than by all means meet me halfway, sir. But don't do it on my account. That faithful woman is not your property but she does care a great deal for you. You are blind to it and to her.

I've told you many things before. I've spoken to you about a variety of different topics. The history of the French. The history of the Prussian Empire. Sociological experiments involving multiple participants. Art appreciation and convex theories. It only means something to you if you allow your being to absorb it. Indefinitely.

Modesty often finds us when everything else has begun to shift right before our eyes. Yes. Like cellophane deniability; ruminating over divided dimensional output. Just to translate archaic Latin adjectives back to the original star language.

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