Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Raked Potential

Rake it in. Rake it in. Bare your knuckles to immorality. What ails you? Is it truth? There is none. Not to your recollection.

Imagine if you will a bag of something. Something precious. No, it does not contain money or anything material. It does not contain negative slogans or epitaphs. Nor does it contain false promises.

What it does contain is of little concern to a humanoid such as yourself. But its potential is of enormous value to you and your species. Let's call this bag of potential the Human Will.

On a clear and concise day most people can distinguish between positivity and negativity. During cloudy days most people choose to find fault with such a skill. What a shame.

Why must we always shy away from our defining characteristics? Normalcy is not an option. It has never been an option. Normalcy behaves like a possum. For the most part it appears alive and vibrant but it is quite adept at mimicking death.

It is not normalcy we seek. In fact, we actually seek a path away from normalcy. Everything we do and encounter during our day to day activity only serves to distract us from finding that path.

It needn't be difficult but it is so because we choose to make it so. Funny thing is... there is plenty of pie to around.

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