Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Light Analogy

This light that illuminates the way for us can be found within every sentient presence. Feel it. Live it. Do not take it for granted or it will take you for granted. The light is effervescent. It is indestructible.

All aspects of human analogy can be attributed to the light. Many humans do not know of this. They do not know because they've been taught to believe in many, many superficial scenarios. But there is no one entity to place all the blame on.

Find what makes you whole and inhale it. Don't give creedence to frivolous circumstances. If others try to keep you from your passion then you must either remove them or remove yourself from such toxic confines.

The whole of the Universe is undergoing an immense transmutation. You cannot see it much but you can definitely feel it. It is pointless to deny it or try to run away from it.

All is returning to light. Everyone and everything is always heading towards light. Towards the original state of existence. Towards the origin of all origins.

Take a deep breath.... inhale it all. The light does not discriminate. The light cannot discriminate. It believes in us at all times. It knows what we are meant to be and will always support us.

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