Monday, June 25, 2012

Brave Girl

Emma was a brave girl. She liked to run. She liked to jump. She liked to dodge vehicles and people. Sometimes the people dodged her. Sometimes the vehicles dodged her; sometimes they didn't. Either way, she maintained her precocious nature.

Many people tried to change her and make her believe in the same superficial nonsense that they did. But Emma always shook her head at them and yelled out, "No! I'll believe what I want to believe!" She seemed to offend most people with her outwardly confidence but it did not matter.

She remained adamant about her personal convictions right down to the very last second of her life. Everyone told her to stop dodging vehicles. They knew it was only a matter of time until she could no longer dodge them.

It happened quite quickly. She crossed the street and successfully dodged a big white car but then a much faster white car turned from around the corner and had no possible means of stopping or slowing down. Emma was thrown fifteen feet in the air. For a split second she felt the joy of weightlessness and wished she could float high above the stratosphere.

She landed in a community swimming pool and drowned. Not because she couldn't swim but because she wanted to drown. She knew the time had come for her to stop dodging vehicles and people. Many people paid homage to her at her memorial. It was mostly populated by the same people she dodged throughout her life.

They had a plaque created for her which read, "I'll believe what I want to believe!" To this day it remains in the center of town for all to see.

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