Friday, September 16, 2011

Not On Our Agenda

  How can I begin to explain? The way we suffer. The way we blame each other for every stupid misdeed; rubbish. It is of no lasting consequence. Forgiveness is our birth-right. Morality is ingrained in us all; always has been. Do not believe what some wolf in sheep’s clothing spouts off to you. You have a mind of your own. Use it! Rely on it! Do not pay attention to those falsified facts. Pay absolutely no attention to any falsified facts.
  Let your own wisdom guide you and lead you to security. You have ignored it for far too long. And please do not confuse wisdom with knowledge. Knowledge can be useful but it can also be corrupted. Wisdom is considered useless by many but only because it is incorruptible. That which cannot be commercialized drives the corporations mad. They do like to believe in their own arrogant ideologies.
  Let them. Let them believe whatever the hell they want. If it is money that makes their existence enjoyable then let them enjoy their money. If it is power that provides them with superiority then let them bathe in it. If it is greed that nourishes their minds then let them consume it. Eventually they will abuse it. Eventually they will no longer find it amusing.
  At some point they must come to the same profound understanding that every single human being has. We are one. We are interconnected. There is no separation. No dividing lines or electrified fences. No watchdogs or border patrolling can hold any of us back from our universal fate. We all know this. We all embody this. And it is not part of some new age philosophy or positive thinking seminar. It is an eternal fact!
  If you choose to be cynical about the whole thing that is part of your journey. If you choose to be kept in the dark about everything that is part of your journey. If you choose to ridicule all things metaphysical that is also part of your journey. Everything we do and say and think is always part of the same journey which we are all embarking on. There can be no doubts or uncertainties. We can fool ourselves into believing in uncertainties if we so choose to but they ultimately have no permanence. All things are impermanent. All things are ever-changing. All things are ever-moving. Moving towards that one great point of unity!
  This is an undeniable fact! Sure, we could deny it just like we have been denying it since the dawn of our species but we are running out of excuses. We are running out of reasons for denying it. Even deniability is impermanent.
  There is no escape. There is no treatment. There is no book. There is no guru. There is no president. There is no government. There is no corporation. There is NOTHING that can keep us from our destined destination anymore! We’ve been held back long enough! There is so much more to this reality than what we’ve been taught. There is so much more meaning and purpose to our existence than what we’ve been fed.
  Do not become swayed by what you see on television or hear from others who are deeply entrenched in materialism. For they too will awaken to the same conclusion. They too will have no choice but to shed their old beliefs.
  We will all be united. Not so much physically united but mentally and spiritually united. We will reach the pinnacle of human potential. But not just because it is inevitable or because we’ve spent more than enough time wallowing in duality. It is our right, our privilege, our meticulously constructed path.
  We are destined for many great things. Extinction is not on our agenda.

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