Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unique Can Be

I am an original. I am writing this as it comes. I am no empty headed zombie looking to be used and controlled. I am unique. I feel and think about many, many things pertaining to humanity and its many dormant gifts.

I paint as well but have not painted as much as I used to. I really should start it up again. Now, right now. Yep.

Blue and yellow swirls are what I often imagine cloaking the minds of the general public. It isn't often that they understand or are aware of this. But I do believe they try as much as is possible. Whatever that means.

I'm not looking forward to old age but I've come to accept it as an inevitability. If I end up living a hermetic lifestyle then so be it. I've never been one to frequent fascist night clubs or superficial gatherings. I know they do have some merit but only if one is seeking a cheap sexual encounter. Even then there is no guaranteed outcome.

Expectations cause a lot of turmoil. People either expect too much or expect too little. Then when things don't go their way they get all disappointed or frustrated or enraged. They make mountains out of potholes. They enjoy it.

Silly, silly people. When will they learn to appreciate what they already have? I suppose such a question can only be answered quickly and without much consideration. That and people tend to ignore rhetorical questions. Or what they believe to be rhetoric.

I am currently reading Tolstoy and others in an effort to gleen some kind of insight into the behaviors and manners of unconsciously aware peoples. I guess that itself is an expectation but I'm open to it morphing into something else.

I shall soon be 30 years of age and am glad to still be intact on this beautiful Earth. I am an original. One of billions.

My perspective and personality remain my own. Interconnected but unique as unique can be.

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