Tuesday, January 8, 2013

To Live On Mars

I'd like to live on Mars someday. If only for a month. I'd run around the dunes and swim in its many lagoons. And if at all possible I'd construct a sturdy raft, sail down river and catch and cook martian fish.

I'd try to find a companion but if none can be found I will not complain about the lack of companionship. For I will be the one and only human to traverse the red planet! I'll set up camp near a martian forest and sleep underneath the martian sky.

From time to time I'll look up at Earth and her moon and wonder what foolishness I might be missing. Chances are I won't be missing anything too important. I shall appreciate my time on Mars. Perhaps I'll even start my own civilization of free thinking sand people. But I will not be their king. No I will NOT! They'll have to decide that amongst themselves.

But if the sand people insist... I shall be no more than a guide. I'll teach them how to speak, write and create art. It may sound like a monumental task but I'd feel up to the challenge. If such a task takes longer than a month to complete then I'd be willing to stay longer.

I won't teach them much about Earth or our history. Mostly because I believe it would be best for them to focus on themselves and nothing else for a good long while. But if they should ask I'll just point at some random stars and tell them that everyone else is way too far away. They might agree, they might not.

I do expect their curiosity to get the better of them. Though, I'll probably be long gone by then. I'll either be physically gone or spiritually gone. Either way I'll be gone.

I'll probably live on Mars someday but for now I live on Earth.

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