Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do It!

Corporations and Government(s) profit off of war, they profit off of keeping people sick, they profit off of keeping people hungry, they profit off of keeping people homeless, they profit off of raising tuition, they profit off of inflated interest rates, they profit off of suppressing clean and free energy technologies. In short, they profit off of human suffering. These are the cold hard facts.

We do have the ability to change this! We must stop accepting it as the "norm" and start being a hell of a lot more inquisitive! We must start voicing our opinions on a regular basis and ask the right questions; the real questions. We must learn to stick up for each other and help out one another when it is needed. We must stop bickering over frivolous things and stop giving in to argumentative division. THEY want us to be divided. THEY need us to be divided.

Start viewing each person you meet and know as more than someone with opinions and beliefs that differ from your own. They are no different than you. We are ALL the same! It is our differences that make us similar!

You don't have to believe in something that does not resonate within you. But surely you believe that each one of us is worthy of compassion, community and love. Yes, none of us are "perfect" but that does not mean we should be denied the staples of human existence. Nor does it mean we should alienate ourselves from the human condition altogether.

Be yourself! Be the unique spark that you were born to be! Love yourself as you are and love others as they are. I know it can be difficult and tiresome but it is possible. We must stop talking about peace and the golden age and start living it!

If you can't do it for just yourself than do it for your friend, do it for your neighbor, do it for your family, do it for ALL of Humanity! It does not matter who or what you do it for. Just do it! Do It! .... Do It!

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